Bell Schedule
7:55-8:45 1 Consumer Finance
8:50-9:40 2 Consumer Finance
9:45-10:35 3 Multimedia Communication 1, 2,
AS (Winnada-The Brand)
10:40-11:30 4 Web Design 1 | Web Design 2 | Web Design 3
11:30-12:00 Lunch  
12:05-12:55 5 Athletic Director
1:00-1:50 6 Athletic Director
1:55-2:45 7 Athletic Director
Bell Schedule
7:55-8:35 1 Consumer Finance
8:40-9:20 2 Consumer Finance
9:25-10:05 3 Multimedia Communication 1, 2,
AS (Winnada-The Brand)
10:10-10:50 4 Web Design 1 | Web Design 2 | Web Design 3
10:55-11:35 5 Athletic Director
11:40-12:20 6 Athletic Director
12:25-1:05 7 Athletic Director
1:05-1:40 Lunch  
1:45-2:45 Prof. Dev.  

Espinola and FamilyMr. Espinola has been a Business/Computer Teacher at Lowry since 1997. He moved to Winnemucca from La Grande, Oregon after earning a Masters in Education (1997) from Eastern Oregon University. Prior to that, he earned a BA in Financial Services and International Business (1993) from Oregon State University and then worked in Indianapolis as a consultant and Portland in banking before deciding to become a teacher.

He coached Lowry Baseball from 1997-2017 at both the JV and varsity levels. He served as the head coach from 2003-2017. He coached La Grande, OR JV baseball in the spring of 1996, The Winnemucca Blue Sox from 1999-2004, the Greater Nevada Badgers, Northern Nevada's Summer Baseball Team, from 2005-2016, and coached Lowry boys soccer from 2013-2016. In 2019 he returned as an assistant baseball coach at Lowry. In 2022 he coached JV softball for the first time becoming the head JV coach and took over as the Athletic Director from Mr. Don Walton in 2023.

He founded the school newspaper, The Brand, in 2008 and in 2021 assumed the role of yearbook adviser from Mrs. Lisa Scott.

Parents: if you have concerns about your child, please call me at 623-8130 or e-mail me at


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