Web Design 1 Assignments (subject to change)

All assignments and your personal web page must be saved to your network folder in order to be graded.  Assignments should be put it your personal folder.  Your site should be put in the folder named mysite.  Files you need for your assignments are in the folder named student_files.


Dec 10

Insert a video into a new page IN YOUR SITE.

Dec 7


Dec 5-6

Unit 2 Module 6: HTML Video Lessons 1-2

Unit 2 Module 7 Lesson 1: Reflections

Dec 4-5

Unit 2 Module 5 Lesson 1: Creating a Data table

Dec 3-4

Unit 2: Module 4: Lessons 1-3: Creating Links

Nov 30

Unit 2: Module 3: Lesson 1-2: Lists

Nov 29

Unit 2 Module 2 Lesson 3: Common Tags

Nov 27

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