Accounting & Finance I Assignments (subject to change)

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Classes will be streamed using the Meet link in Google Classroom. In addition, a video of the class will be posted on this page for notes, explanations, demonstrations etc. Class Meet: go to Google Classroom.

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Sep 1

DUE Chapter 1

  • Only submit Probelms M and C

Chapter 1 Recycling Problem

Sep 1

Video Problem 3-4

Aug 31

Quiz: Accounting T

Finish Chapter 1

Digital/At Home Assn,

  • Take a picture of pages 27-28 of the text book.
  • Take home only problems M and C from your workbook.

Aug 30

Practice Quiz: Accounting T

Aug 23-Aug 29

Accounting T notes Quiz next week

Chapter 1: Analyze how transactions affect the accounting equation

Aug 22

Chapter 1: Analyze how transactions affect the accounting equation

  • LEARNING OBJECTIVES After studying Chapter 1, in addition to defining key terms, you will be able to:
    • LO1 Describe the different users of accounting information.
    • LO2 Prepare a net worth statement and explain its purpose.
    • LO3 Classify accounts as assets, liabilities, or owner’s equity and demonstrate their relationship in the accounting equation.
    • LO4 Analyze the effects of transactions on the accounting equation.
    • LO5 Distinguish between cash and on account transactions.
    • LO6 Compare and contrast the types of transactions that increase and decrease owner’s equity.
    • LO7 Explain the difference between expenses and liabilities.

Course requirements/expectations

Accounting T notes Quiz next week

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