The Brand

Course Description: This course is designed to introduce the student to fundamental processes involved in layout, printing, binding and finishing of graphic design. Areas of study will include graphic communications history, design theory, pre-press and imaging operations, production processes, printing processes and career exploration.
1 Credit
Grade Level: 9-12
Prerequisite: Instructor Approval
Paper, pen/pencil, notebook. E-mail account accessible from school.

Textbook and other resources:
1. Text: Journalism Today
2. Software: Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Adobe Dreamweaver CS5, Adobe InDesign CS5, and Adobe Photoshop CS5, Adobe Fireworks CS5, and Windows 7 will be used.
4. Assignments are posted at Mr. Espinola's website (

Class Procedures:


Students will accumulate points throughout the nine weeks. Points will come from the following categories, and will be based on the following percentages. Percentage grades follow the school policy but are weighted as follows:
Weekly Production/Articles: 40%
Assessment (Print Edition): 60%
* Extra credit may be available.