Instruction sheet for NEW Tech Prep Application Online
Have the students go to Access to a printer is required for students to print out the final Tech Prep application to sign and send in.

  1. Students must first complete the GBC Application for Admission. Click on the link in Step 1 of the Tech Prep application to go directly to the online GBC Application for Admission. Students who have already taken a class at GBC do not need to re-apply. (Drivers Ed, Dual Credit, or Tech Prep). Students MUST be a GBC student in order to receive their Tech Prep credits! If a student isn’t sure if they are already a GBC student, you can call me to verify.

Notes for GBC Application for Admission

  1. Page 1 of Online GBC Application for Admission.
    1. “Term Applying for” select "Spring"
    2. “Social Security Number” is optional; if the student does not want to submit their social security number then they can check the box.
    3. Student contact information. Must fill in all fields. Physical Address is where the student lives; mailing address is where the student receives mail. May be two different addresses, if same check the same box.
    4. Only one phone number is needed.
    5. Email address is required!
    6. Hit Continue button – will ask student to verify information – Continue button again
  2. Page 2
    1. Millennium Scholar – Students only select this box if they already know they will be a millennium scholar
    2. Institution – Select only if student has previously attended any of these institutions. Enter Student ID if known.
    3. Former names – If the student has changed names – adopted, married
    4. Former addresses – Only if the student has lived at their current address less than 12 months
    5. Hit continue button twice
  3. Page 3
    1. Select ethnicity
    2. High School Information – Select yes and then add anticipated graduation date (ex. 6/2012) Add High School information.
    3. College Information – Entered only if student has taken classes at another institution. Drivers ed, dual credit.
    4. Citizenship – Enter USA or look up other countries
    5. Residency – Enter date student moved to Nevada. Field can be estimated. Students can use their birthdate for the day and month and just enter the year. (Ex. Student moved here when they were 12, take birthday and add 12)
    6. Educational Objective – Select one check box and then select degree objective or select “non-degree seeking”
    7. Click Submit
  1. Tech Prep Application – Students need to return to Click on Step 2: Tech Prep Application.

Notes for Tech Prep Online Application

  1. Students select High School
  2. Students Enter Graduation Year, Contact Info, Name, Birthdate, Mailing Address, and Phone number.
  3. Students select the classes that they have taken only as a Junior or Senior or the sequence they are completing.
  4. Click “next step”
  5. Students must print out, sign, and date the form.

Send the form(s) to Tech Prep at Great Basin College, 1500 College Parkway, Elko, NV 89801. Forms must be received by May 1, 2012 in order to qualify for credit during the Summer 2012 semester.