Why I Like Smash And Why You Should Play It

The tournament arc, a common trope in shonen anime. I've always had a soft spot for them for a lot of reasons, the MC gets to show off how much they've grown, you get development for characters that haven't gotten any spotlight, potential upsets or plot twists with characters, and most of all some fun action scenes. I remember when I was a wee lad ( elementary ) me and my best friend at the time would try to replicate these “tournament arcs” in dragon ball z budokai tenkaichi w/ ourselves and some bots to see who could stand out on top. I remember he would always beat me and i would get really mad. I also remember he would always try to get me to play Smash Bros. Melee and Brawl. I didn't understand it at all and i didnt like it. Now fast forward to 2016-2017 and i decided after a entire 10+ years of playing video games that i don't like fighting games. However in 2018 I saw Smash Bros. Ultimate get announced on the switch and on a whim, because i was bored or whatever i picked up Smash Bros. Melee for the gamecube i got because i was curious as to why my old best friend from elementary liked this game a lot and always wanted me to play it. So i'm playing it, doing classic mode and challenges not really knowing what i'm doing. So i start looking up some videos on how to play the game and the mechanics on it. I watch a few and start kinda knowing what's happening but not really so i lose interest and stop playing it. Then some characters get revealed on a nintendo direct and i'm bored and decide to start watching it and i'm not really that interested and i see a video i happen to get recommended a called “The Smash Bros Documentary”. Smash TimeThen i watch it. Throughout the video and after i felt super pumped and motivated. Like i just listened to some really hard music or something. The video went through the history of super smash bros and the fighting game community. I saw iconic moments in melee history that I missed out on that everyone knew of. Like the rise of melee w/ Ken, Isaiah, PC Chris, Korean Dj, M2K, many others, the dark ages of melee after brawl w/ Mango, M2K, Armada, H-Box, PPMD, and the melee that is still happening today. I saw clips of people using considered low or mid tier characters and destroying or humiliating a top player w/ them, top players just duking it out to the end of the wire and everyone freaking out, crazy and unlikely comeback plays, and so much more. After all this I came to the realization that competitive Smash Bros. and fighting games are just anime. I rewatched some old clips of Armada vs Mango. A old grudge match w/ a lot of history. I saw the reactions from the crowd, heard the excitement from the commentators, and saw the intensity of the players. I didn't even know the full story being told or what they were even doing in the game and i saw it again. This is just one big tournament arc. Im super happy I watched that video and i think it had a big impact on me and i hope thats what i can do here. I want to tell you the appeal of Smash to someone who hasn't been awoken yet. First i wanna tell you why i like Smash. Comp Smash shares mostly the same philosophy with other comp games like siege, league, csgo, and many others but within smash and fighting games there's something that makes them completely different; there one on one and mostly doesn't have a luck factor. In siege i could nearly play to the best i can but if your teammate makes a horrible mistake you're screwed. In card games like pokemon and magic i might not get the right cards in a good order and that could cost me the game. Other comp games mostly have an extra factor in play and that does make them unique and fun to watch/play but i feel like that gets old rather fast having to rely on someone or something that's mostly not in your control to win. But in Smash and fighting games there mostly isn't anything like that. It's rather personal because everything is on you. When you start playing smash after and then watching it on youtube or twitch you start seeing things you might not have known were possible within the game. They might not even be hard at all you just have had no knowledge of it. Then after a bit you'll see pro players who play that character you play and remember their name. Then you cheer them on and hope they succeed. Then you start to understand strategies and patterns within the games and with the people. Since fighting games are 1v1 there much more personal. This leads to way more excitement and emotion than any other comp games. Like when you watch a smash tourney top 100 there's usually a story within that. It could be a young gun rising up through the game beating seasoned veterans, or a old grudge match between iconic players who hate each other, and what's on the line is not just money but their reputation and pride. Like what if that person who was trash talking before the match actually gets destroyed and they weren't able to back up what they were saying and then your really focused on what's happening now because its a story then and it's up to them and only them to win not any other factor. Another factor i like about fighting games is how easy it is to generate hype and excitement on a side. I can take this recent event as a example where in frostbite 2019 this player picked richter ( a mid or low tier character ) instead of his usual main against this top tier player and was destroying him and that generates so much hype to see a considered low tier character destroying a high tier character and sways the viewers side as well because you want to see the richter win now because it would be really interesting and cool. CatThe same also goes with seeing someone just style on another or you just do some really cool and stylish stuff that makes you feel like a god. Smash has a fun style in my opinion but it could potentially not suit your preferred interest of fighting game style ( there's also like 75 different characters with different playstyles ) and you feel a true bond with the character you main. Most fighting games have awful stories but i feel the real story is the one that you experience on your journey of self improvement w/ the character(s) that you play. Since fighting games are all about you and your own ability you get such a good sense of satisfaction when you improve. When i first started playing ultimate i picked the character i was most familiar with which was Samus and went online and i didnt win a single game in that first week. This was mainly because i didn't know how to defend at all but i just kept playing because i knew i was doing something wrong until i learned something new i could do every other game by watching the other player(s) and by me playing. My character didn't get any better stats, better equipment, or some other thing. It was me who leveled up and got better every match i played and i think it feels better than other games. In most games your given some fake thing that tells you you've grown and got stronger but in smash and fighting games you actually feel that sense of getting stronger. It's not like i just sat there grinding it out for days on end but i steadily played the game, kept trying, and just had a fun time learning and playing the game. So with all this said i really encourage you to try out smash and other fighting games. I feel like fighting games and smash are diverse, entertaining and fun enough to attract just about anyone. Not just some wierd sad weeb kid like me.

The Smash Bros. Documentry

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