Web Design and Development III Assignments (subject to change) 

Mar 13

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Mar 10

Tutorial 10: Monroe Public Library

Objective: Create JavaScript elements for use in a website

Case 4: Happy Birthday News

Tutorial 10: Review

Tutorial 10: Your Own Site

  • Use javascript to write your email link on each page. (i.e. page 705)
  • Create a new page and include a script to zoom on and image or gallery on the page. Make sure it uses jquery. Try searching for jquery image zoom.

Mar 2

Tutorial 9: Wizard Works Fireworks

Objective: Create valid XHTML documents

Tutorial 9: Review


Tutorial 5: KPAF Nightly Schedule

Objective: Use tables to crea a multicolumn layout

  • KPAF Nightly Schedule

Tutorial 5: Case1: Sudoku

    • Case1: Sudoku

Tutorial 5: Review

Tutorial 5: Your Own Site

  • Use the table from Case 2 as a guide.
  • Create a new page in your site and insert a table on the page. Use it to contain tabular information such as a calendar, schedule, etc.
  • The table uses images. You can use and modify them to match your site or create your own.
  • Make sure to add the page to your menu.
  • Upload it and preview.


DUE: Tutorial 4: Your Own Site

DUE: Tutorial 4: Review


DUE: Case 4: Park City Gazette


DUE: Case2: Red Ball Pizza


DUE: Tutorial 4: Cycle Pathology


Tutorial 4: Cycle Pathology

Objective: use CSS to create layout

Case2: Red Ball Pizza

Tutorial 4: Review

Case 4: Park City Gazette

  • The finished page will be similar to the preview below.
  • Follow directions in book.
  • It must be uploaded to get credit.

Tutorial 4: Your Own Site

  • Make the following changes.
    • Use the files and directions from the Review Assignments on pages304-306.
    • Complete the assignment making the changes as directed.
    • However, change the content so it is from YOUR HOME page.
    • Also change the color scheme to match what you are using.
    • When you are done save the rosetxt.htm as index.html in your mysite folder.
    • Upload it and preview.


Tutorial 3: Sunny Acres

Objective: use CSS to create layout

Case 2: Mountain Wheels

Tutorial 3: Review

Tutorial 3: Your Own Site

    • Change the index page you created in Tutorial 1 for your own site look similar to the one for the pages from the book.
    • Copy the files from Case 2: Mountain Wheels.
    • Make the following changes.
      • Change the color scheme to one of your choosing.
      • Change all of the information so that it relates to your web site.
      • Keep the rounded rectangle box but change the color scheme.
      • Change the banner at the top of the page.
      • Make the navigation horizontal and place it right below the banner.
      • Have two columns of content. Name one leftinfo and the other rightinfo
      • Have a section heading for each with an H1 tag.
      • Retain the footer but change the information.
      • Upload it and preview.


DUE: Tutorial 2: Camshots


Tutorial 2:

Objective: Create a basic website with links and images

Tutorial 2: Review

Case 2: Fiddler

Oct 24

Tutorial 8: Tree and Book

Case 2: Willet Creek Golf Course

Unit 8 IC 2

Tutorial 8: Review

Tutorial 8: Your Own Site

  • Create two new pages. This should bring the total to five.
  • Each page should have at least one image on it.
  • On one page use a frame around the image. You can either make this in PhotoShop or find one online.
  • On the other page use apply rounded corners and drop shadow to the image.
  • Use a CSS gradient background on all of your pages.
  • Create a mobile version of your site. Make sure to preview it. This can be done with the simulators above; by shrinking the display of your web browser; or in Dreamweaver.
  • Make sure to add the new pages to your menu.
  • Upload it and preview.


Sep 2

Connect to your old website using Filezilla

Tutorial 1: J Prop

Tutorial 1: Case 3: Dessert Web

Tutorial 1: Review

Tutorial 1: Your Own Site

  • Make the index page for your own site look similar to the pages from the book.
  • Include a rectangle with rounded corners, and shadowing.
  • Some type of image based logo.
  • At least one other image on the page.
  • CSS.

Aug 26-28

Tutorial 1

Save the files in the Tutorial 1 folder

Aug 25

Connect to site

  • Connect to your old site using Dreamweaver or Filezilla.
  • Go to the advwebfiles folder and install Filezilla if needed. You will be using this for FTP.
  • Download the files into your mysite folder in your Lab2 Folder.
  • If your site is no longer active, register for a new site and connect to it.

Return syllabus signed by parents