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We care about producing the best tea that we can.

We know that you will love our tea. We focus on our organic products to make the most delicious tea there could be.We have helped people with their high caffine addictions that cause many of them to not be able to sleep amd people who get jitters from their coffee/caffine. Our three classic teas are known for their great taste and even greater benifits. Our team makes sure that evrything we send out meets our high criteria. As a small buiness we know for a fact that we will do our best to meet your satisfaction. We have a close relationship with our distributer, making sure everything is as smooth as it could be. We care about every single one of our clients, especially you. If you run into any issues during your process, please email us and we will be sure to get back to you. We want to get to know our client because we care.

JOURNAL Relaxing

We desgin our teas to make it have benifits for our client. Anything from calming to having dreams, or even helping get rid of anxiety we try our best to produce, as well as containg a great taste.


Cups of Tea

Order one or more of our three classic teas. We have specialized our matcha, our chai snd our green tea to have so many great benifits and great taste.

OUR STORY A Mix of Tea Leaves

Learn how and where we get our tea. We our pround of our process and want to show it. We have nothing to hide and will gladly show you how it all works.

Quotes From Our Customers

"The green tea works wonder. I have been having trouble sleeping after traveling to Japan, that trip messed up my sleeping scheduale. I have tried everything,nothing seemed to help until I stumbled upon these tea. After ordered a pack of the green tea I could not ,not stop drinking it."

"I wanted to try and see if the matcha tea with the muscle building enzyme acuallly work, so i ordered a few. After i tried a cup of the matcha I loved it. The enzymes did work i noticed some muscle gain and i was amazed."

"The malsa chai tea is sucha great tasting tea. I have always loved tea and i was searching for something new and found this. The masa chai tea inrigued me the most so i got some andd i had high hopes that were met."



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