Course Description: The class will focus on the students’ roles as a citizen, consumer, and participant in the economy. Students will gain an understanding of the following: investing (including participating in a mock investment competition on-line); taxes; the role of the Federal Reserve; using a checking account; credit and loans (home, consumer, and credit cards); insurance; budgeting; micro and macro economics; and consumer protection. Most assignments will be completed using MS Word, MS Excel, and the Internet.
1 Credit
Grade Level: 12
Prerequisite: None

Textbook and other resources:

Class Procedures:

Students will accumulate points throughout the nine weeks. Points will come from the following categories, and will be based on the following percentages. Percentage grades follow the school policy but are weighted as follows:

Daily Work-Assignments            35%
Tests/Quizzes                             50%
Working/Participation-On task    15%

* Extra credit: students who help or watch parents balance the checkbook, pay bills, or perform other household finance activities can receive extra credit by submitting a note signed by the parent.

Make up work:
It is the responsibility of the student to contact the teacher outside of class time to receive work missed due to absence. Late work is accepted, but for a maximum of 70% credit.

Assessment Re-Test Opportunities:
Assignments can also be redone in their entirety for a better grade (up to 80%).

Returning work to the student:
Submitted work will be kept on file. Work below a 70% will be returned to be corrected and resubmitted.

Progress Reports and Report Cards:
Students and parents are expected to use their access to Infinite Campus to check on their progress. Printed progress reports will be sent home with the student at least once per quarter. This is an assignment and need to be signed by the parent and returned for a grade. Report cards will be handed out the week following the end of the nine weeks. Credit will be given at the end of each semester at one half credit per semester.

Availability for Extra Help:
Students can receive additional help before school, at lunch, or after school by appointment.