Résumé Action Words

Source: http://careercenter.umich.edu/article/resume-action-words

Use the list below to help you get started thinking about action words to use on your resume.

Achieved Adapted Addressed Administered
Advised Analyzed Arranged Assembled
Assessed Assisted Attained Audited
Budgeted Calculated Classified Coached
Collected Communicated Compiled Composed
Computed Conducted Consolidated Constructed
Consulted Coordinated Counseled Created
Critiqued Defined Designed Detected
Determined Devised Diagnosed Directed
Discovered Displayed Earned Edited
Eliminated Enforced Established Estimated
Evaluated Examined Expanded Explained
Experimented Financed Formulated Gathered
Generated Grossed Guided Handled
Hypothesized Identified Illustrated Implemented
Improved Increased Influenced Initiated
Inspected Installed Instituted Instructed
Interpreted Interviewed Invented Investigated
Lectured Managed Marketed Mediated
Modeled Monitored Motivated Negotiated
Obtained Operated Ordered Organized
Oversaw Performed Persuaded Photographed
Planned Prepared Presented Printed
Processed Produced Projected Promoted
Proofread Provided Publicized Purchased
Received Recommended Reconciled Recorded
Recruited Reduced Referred Refined
Rehabilitated Repaired Reported Represented
Researched Resolved Responded Restored
Retrieved Reviewed Scheduled Selected
Solved Sorted Studied Summarized
Supervised Supplied Surveyed Tested
Trained Transcribed Translated Traveled
Tutored Upgraded Utilized Wrote