Course Description: This course is an introduction to both accounting and finance. This course is an introduction to accounting processes, practices and concepts as well as an introduction to the world of finance. Topics include debits and credits, career pathways and a survey of the many industries associated with accounting and finances such as accounting, banking, insurance and investments.
1 Credit
Grade Level: 9-12
Prerequisite: None
Materials Fee: $20.00

Textbook and other resources:
1. Students will use Century 21 Accounting. Books may be checked out. In addition each student will receive a copy of the workbook that accompanies the text which must be brought to class each day.
2. Assignments are posted at Mr. Espinola's website ( In addition the book has a companion site (

Class Procedures:


Students will accumulate points throughout the nine weeks. Points will come from the following categories, and will be based on the following percentages. Percentage grades follow the school policy but are weighted as follows:
Daily Work-Assignments 35%
Tests/Quizzes 50%
Working/Participation-On task 15%

* Extra credit: students who help or watch parents balance the checkbook, pay bills, or perform other household finance activities can receive extra credit by submitting a note signed by the parent.